0.22.391 out

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0.22.391 out

Postby kokoko3k on Wed Nov 23, 2016 2:02 pm

Tested with mpv 0.22.0

Updated German Translation (martinkg)
Updated Italian Translation
Apply video and audio filter changes from Chains window in realtime.
cache bar works again (regression)
New audio filter: 5 bands parametric equalizer with preview
Do not waste I/O trying to dedupe empty cover dirs
Always use internal mpv volume mixer
Removed nice settings
Removed alternative window geometry settings save option
Don't let event_loop running when mpv exits
Faster restore of properties after an Apply_restart()
Raise default cache size for files and dvd to 10240KB
Don't use the deprecate property "fps"
fix_options() was broken
If possible, use "display-fps" mpv property instead of xrandr output
Offers to export __GL_SYNC_DISPLAY_DEVICE to the current screen
Playing recent files was broken
Add vdpau-copy to the list of allowed hw-decoding choices
Remove commented useless vdpaurb code
Correct delogo x and y ranges
Do not show helpbox under anequalizer

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