0.21.384 out

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0.21.384 out

Postby kokoko3k on Thu Nov 03, 2016 3:46 pm

Recognize ytdl://* as a valid youtube url
Do not save settings it the player exits before loading them.
Translation Updates
Do not use mpv 0.21 deprecated properties and options
Use qt5 by default (qt4 is still possible, see README on github)
Various small improvements to the interface look
Albumview.DoSortTable() left spurious strings in the local table.
Handle some possible runtime errors
Allow to select and configure output drivers even if one is forced.
Make use of a lua script to kill mpv if/when xt7 dies (hoping it does not!)
Speedup retrival of folder pictures
Menu: "Update embedded covers" is now "Update cover"
Switch to https://github.com/Argon-/mpv-stats/ (thanks!) for runtime statistics
Cover deduplication on exit by using symlinks
Internal mpv audio mixer "ENABLES" amximum amplification (was "DISABLE"...typo)
Move audio info upper in audioform panel when there is an audio visualization running
Disable osd when an audio visualization is running
Add workaround for mpv-player/mpv#3688
Add cuda and cuda-copy to the video hardware decoding list
Expose Opengl-HQ profile options with a button to set them all
Disable custom video and audio drivers tabstrips (Use "User Options" instead)
Add more free user Options
User Options: Use comboboxes pre-filled with possible option values.
Fix to video driver override UI logic
Use display-vdrop when user wants --interpolation
Do not always use apply_restart() when there is a visualization running

Tested with mpv 0.21.0 and gambas 3.8.4

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