0.18.1384 out

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0.18.1384 out

Postby kokoko3k on Mon Jul 25, 2016 11:10 am

* Always try to use ytdl after failing the first time if the user doesn't explicitely disable it
* Removed the option to prefer 3d videos as it seems youtube is not using
* Simplified realvideourl() in youtube class
* Simplified youtube viewing code too
* Call hsplit1_myrefresh() earlyer at startup to avoid a graphical glitch
* Code cleanup
* Removed softvol and changed softvol-max to volume-max
* updated ytdl_list.txt
* Permit users to skip using mpv internal audio mixer (basically, internally reimplement the missing softvol *option)
* Disable maximum-amplification when not using the internal mpv mixer
* Also, do not set initial volume as an option when not using internal mpv audio mixer
* Set ao-volume earlier to avoid volume spikes on startup

Tested with mpv 0.18.1 and gambas 3.8.4

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