0.16.384 out

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0.16.384 out

Postby kokoko3k on Mon Mar 14, 2016 3:33 pm

Set --video-sync=display-vdrop if opengl interpolation is selected
Wait for "tracklist-count" to be >0 before analyzing the stream
Several changes to make library synchronization more robust.
stereo3d video filter: add alternating modes
Make opengl allow brightness and contrast equalization
Initial support for visualizations, again.
Paint a blurred cover in the audio panel
Use multimedia filter in file dialog, when opening local files.
Draw a shadow under the cover in audioform
Draw a shadow under the cover in the audioform
Fixed Stack overflow
Do not always pause when switching fullscreen by double click
Draw a shadow under the text in audio panel
Performance tweaks
Glass like effect on the cover
avoid runtime error on start if hitting keys in the video area before the player is fully initialized
change to video-rotate command
Do not crash if no folderpicture is found
remved dead code
strip \r and \n from comment string
skip coverfiles that begins with a dot as much as possible
Make global hotkeys optional.
Play resume was broken by commit 134218d on nov 19 2015, fixed
New: Remember playback time position option
Italian translation updates
Fixes for ffmpeg 3.0
Extrastereo audio filter (ffmpeg >=3.0 only)
New audio filter, alimiter (ffmpeg >=3.0 only)
Bug in unavailable property retrival
Add a workaround for intel + SNA
keypresses in audioform didn't work properly
Always switch fullscreen by dblclick when playing audio only streams
Update seekbar and cache percent bar when resizing main hsplit

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