0.12.381 is out

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0.12.381 is out

Postby kokoko3k on Fri Nov 06, 2015 3:12 pm

xt7-player 0.12.381, tested versus gambas 3.8.1 + mpv 0.12.0

* Cosmetic fix to audiopanel
* Support for audio cue files
* Minor optimization; do not call getP("Fullpath") multiple times
* Russian (symbianflo) and italian translation updates
* Trayicon is back.
* Try to speedup ytdl hook.
* Bold style wasn't working for sub and osd
* Add a chapters button in the control panel
* Get playlists content from mpv.
* Fix for runtime error on null youtube queries
* new icon for ytdl:// protocol
* small speedup in library syncronization
* isdupe() wasn't working. …
* another speedup to fillmultitracks()
* Faster retrival of mpv properties
* Recognize more network uries
* use ytdl icon in cover mode too
* Stream capturing was broken since mpv …
* Do not use a counter to generate timeouts in get_properties_mpv
* Auto-tune hammering time.
* Gapless playback from library, playlist and browse playqueues.
* add .jpeg (was only .jpg) to the list of picture formats allowed for setting covers
* Unused moviebox removed, some completely useless cpu cycles spared
* Field for setting the background image under the panel was missing
* Restore maximized state under openbox too
* Allow to Change the live preview size and the seekbar color
* 1/4 is the default for Live preview
* Make livePreview appear even after the first drag gesture
* Some fixes to radio genres handling
* Hotkey to show runtime infos acts now as a switch, no timeouts.
* Allow to mute/unmute by middle-clicking over the volume icon
* "canc" key is actually the "del" key.
* Italian translation updates
* Do not save "grids" only when exiting. …
* Add x11 video driver back as per mpv reverting the commit that removed it

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