0.11.0381 is out

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0.11.0381 is out

Postby kokoko3k on Tue Sep 08, 2015 9:44 am

Tested vs mpv 0.11.0 and gambas 3.8.1

* Fix ampersand in italian translation
* Speedup in xt7 - mpv comunication
* New lavfi audio filters: dynaudnorm, ladspa, earwax
* New lavfi video filters: hqdn3d, unsharp mask, delogo, uspp, spp
* New native video filers: vdpaupp, vavpp, vdpaurb
* Removed native audio filters: drc, ladspa
* Temporally remove audio filters: extrastereo and karaoke
(will come back as soon as ffmpeg will release >2.8)
* Remove native video filters: unsharp mask, delogo
* Add missing vdpau vo options
* Add reset button near comboboxes too
* Make restore button working for rw comboboxes too when the text is translated
* add missing options for yadif filter
* Disable kde4 effects (optionally) "before" entering fullscreen
* Initial support for named chapters
* Treat .cue files as audio files
* Initial support for audio+chapter files
* Fixed crash on startup when calling a popup menu on empty youtube tree
* Removed vmeters visualization support since mpv 0.11 dropped af_export
* fix floatspinbox arrow images
* Show lavfi man pages from man ffmpeg-filters as well
* Allow video filters though vdpaurb
* Renamed smoothmotion to interpolation

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