xt7-player-mpv 0.9.2371

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xt7-player-mpv 0.9.2371

Postby kokoko3k on Thu Apr 30, 2015 12:38 pm

Tested versus mpv 0.9 and Gambas 3.7.1

Main changes:

Switched to youtube API v3
Experimental feature to change video mode to match video properties
Compensate speed if video refresh rate is close enough to monitor one
Use kdialog to open files/dirs if a full kde session version 4 is detected
Missing audiopanel on audio track switch, fixed.
Alsa device option is back in chains window
Epg window was still using mplayer, now uses mpv
Translation updates
Fixed "start where you left"
New commandline options to deal with profiles and verbosity
Use a gamma function for dynamic overbright
Sub and osd window are more WYSIWYG now.

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