3.5.2 OUT

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3.5.2 OUT

Postby kokoko3k on Thu Mar 13, 2014 2:29 pm

NEW: Hungarian Translation (thanks to Toroka)
NEW: Initial Icecast support
NEW: New Option (Generaloptions->Audio) to precise seek into mp3 streams. Enabled by default
NEW: New stereo3d video filter available
NEW: New option in Generaloptions->Network to prefer (or discard) 3D videos from youtube
NEW: New reset button in video equalizer window to restore default values
FIX: Try to keep the previously selected sub and audio stream across applies/mplayer restarts
FIX: "Related videos" wasn't needed/used since youtube tree navigation for related videos was introduced months ago.
FIX: Apply video equalizer settings (if auto apply is checked) and search for yt subtitles on apply/restart
FIX: Do not delete files if the user closes the window asking for confirmation!
FIX: Skip DASH (audio only or video only) youtube formats (youtube works again in git)
FIX: Detect *.googlevideo.* as youtube urls too
FIX: Workaround for date calculation on dvbt.
FIX: Drop dvbt event on wrong datediff
FIX epg search was broken, fixed
FIX: Lyrics finder didn't work, fixed
FIX: Do not crash when trying to play non existing files right from the album tab.
FIX: Dropped gb.xml and replaced bu gb.libxml; packagers should update deps.
FIX: fixed Simplified (and speedup) parsing of shoutcast feeds
CHANGE: Updated Russian Translation thanks to VictoR
CHANGE: Italian translation updates
CHANGE: Updated Russian Translation thanks to VictoR
CHANGE: Subtitles and audio stream choose buttons are now menu buttons.
WORKAROUND: Replace https urls with http ones due to mplayer limitation
WORKAROUND: Avoid 100% cpu use by replacing "FOR READ" with "FOR INPUT"

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