3.5.1 OUT

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3.5.1 OUT

Postby kokoko3k on Tue Nov 05, 2013 9:36 am

FIX: Shoutcast was broken in 3.5.0


FIX: Missing links on some youtube streams
FIX: Do not download thumbnails twice
FIX: Simplified (and speedup) parsing of youtube feeds
FIX: Removed deprecated (and not working anymore) youtube feeds from the tree
CHANGE: Reduced the lag at track change.
CHANGE: Ability to queue items to extract audio from and new skip/stop button
FIX: Better workaround for missing picture on fullscreen switch
FIX: xt7-player.png -> xt7-player in .desktop file (10x symbianflo)
CHANGE: Audio extraction/transcode capabilities for youtube, browse and playlist tabs
FIX: Vdpau overlay surface was always disabled (not saved), now it is under generaloptions->video amd get saved.
CHANGE: defaults to "NOT" disabling vdpau overlay surface, if you need, please manually check it and save the profile.
FIX: Typo in executable() which prevented idle mplayer from timeout
FIX: Removed the icon path from .desktop file (10x symbianflo)
CHANGE: Updated Russian translation from VictoR
FIX: Error when replacing playlists by an album tracks
FIX: Avoid out of range values in ladspahelper (by setting value=minvalue)
FIX: Possible runtime error on album browse
FIX: Explicitely pass proxy to mplayer if environment variable is defined
FIX: Use http_proxy (or https_proxy) environment variable and drop http_proxy option.
NEW: Ability to rename custom audio and video filters (buttons) and added 2 more custom filters
NEW: Lyrics finder via duckduckgo (click on the microphone icon when a music is playing).
NEW: Display jpg,png,bmp pictures by using mf:// protocol, panning and zooming are supported
NEW: New default hotkey: "del" will delete the playing file from disk after confirmtion.
FIX: Don't try to play directories
FIX: Update/sync views on file deletion
FIX: workaround for missing picture when unredirecting fs windows is enabled and mplayer is paused
FIX: Keep forced zoom mode across media

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