3.4.3 OUT

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3.4.3 OUT

Postby kokoko3k on Fri Jul 19, 2013 4:26 pm

CHANGE: Every change to a ladspa filter is applied/tested in realtime
CHANGE: Workaround to keep volume level after applying audio filter parameters change without restarting mplayer
CHANGE: Workaround to make xt7 recognize mplayer2 >20130219 statusline in the stderr stream

NEW: Ability to rename custom audio and video filters (buttons) and added 2 more custom filters
NEW: Lyrics finder via duckduckgo (click on the microphone icon when a music is playing).
NEW: Display jpg,png,bmp pictures by using mf:// protocol, panning and zooming are supported
NEW: New default hotkey: "del" will delete the playing file from disk after confirmation.
NEW: Helper window to compile ladspa audio plugin parameters.
NEW: A<->B loop button available on seekable media (works best with audio only files)

FIX: Error when replacing playlists by an album tracks
FIX: Possible runtime error on album browse
FIX: Explicitely pass proxy to mplayer if environment variable is defined
FIX: Use http_proxy (or https_proxy) environment variable and drop http_proxy option.
FIX: Don't try to play directories
FIX: Update/sync views on file deletion
FIX: workaround for missing picture when unredirecting fs windows is enabled and mplayer is paused
FIX: Keep forced zoom mode across media
FIX: Following "browse" playqueue didnt work when starting xt7 with a mediafile argument (gb 3.4.1 bug)
FIX: Try harder to keep pause state while switching fullscreen via dbl click.
FIX: Volume level was resetted after every apply.
FIX: fixed desktop file (thanks symbianflo)
FIX: some msgboxes growed in size when opened multiple times
FIX: Always stop mplayer at quit time
FIX: Do not start a listening socket on pluginmode
FIX: Corrected cachebar geometry in plugin mode
FIX: Changing audio filters parameters in realtime was broken
FIX: floatspinbox was broken since the switch from gambas2 to 3
FIX: Try to clear only the audio filters currently loaded

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Re: 3.4.3 OUT

Postby jspaces on Mon Jul 22, 2013 8:02 am

The ArchLinux PKGBUILD has a couple of depencies listed twice.
The download was extremely slow at 4k per second and falling from my location, thus I when with the git version which downloaded in 2 minutes. Would it be possible to upload the source on some mirrors? I hate feeling like the download speed is similar to the before broadband days.
The ArchLinux PKGBUILD for the xt7-player-git also needed "gambas3-qt4-webkit" to succesfully compile.
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Re: 3.4.3 OUT

Postby kokoko3k on Mon Jul 22, 2013 8:59 am

3.4.4 is out now and i removed the qt4.webkit dep which was unneeded.
Noi i'm going to fix the other issues with the PKGBUILD.
As for the download speed, the site that hosts xt7-player is very fast, but it is having problem today (22 jul), so it is just an unlucky episode.
If the problem persists, i'll check for other mirrors.

Thanks for reporting.
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