3.4.2 OUT

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3.4.2 OUT

Postby kokoko3k on Fri May 03, 2013 11:08 am

Main changes
NEW: Support for live youtube streams
NEW: Optionally display live video preview (P.I.P) on seek
NEW: Disable vdpau overlay surface by default (new option in vdpau driver window)
NEW: New Graphical layout
NEW: New library popup menu to search for album tracks
NEW: F5 and canc implemented in fileview; refresh clears selection.
NEW: Show total bitrate in mediaproperties tab (useful for mkv files)
CHANGE: Auto-Select the next stream from the tab containing the previous one
CHANGE: Use included volume,info and zoom icons
CHANGE: Add a small shade between the toolbar and the right side panel
FIX: A bunch of workaround for gambas 3.4.1
FIX: Try harder to keep pause state while switching fullscreen via dbl click.
FIX: Exception when taking another thumb on an early time
FIX: Prevent blank column on embedded picture errors
FIX: keep pause state (limited to mplayer ability) when changing volume
FIX: Prevent xt7 from going crazy when autoadvance is selectd but several unplayable media are in the play queue
FIX: Quit 40% faster if no setting has been saved.
FIX: Fix on key events in fileview
FIX: Engage play queue shutdown for browse and youtube tabs too.
FIX: Do not send anything to mplayer while it is pausing
FIX: Cleaned up some unused vars and functions
FIX: Updated Russian translation (thanks to victorr2007)
FIX: try to Keep track of osdlevel
FIX: (Warn and) Do not try to seek into unseekable streams via seek bar
FIX: Highlight the album under the mouse before trying to set a cover on menu popup
FIX: Taller button panel
FIX: Rewrote fileview selection code to be compatible with gambas 3.4.0

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