3.4.0 Out

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3.4.0 Out

Postby kokoko3k on Thu Mar 07, 2013 5:56 pm

Main changes:
FIX: Workarounds to prevent gui glitches with gambas 3.4.0
FIX: Specific refresh and treeveiw fixes for gambas 3.4.0
FIX: Option to disable kde effects when in fullscreen works again
FIX: Youtube videos whose VideoID begins with "-" didn't play; fixed
FIX: Workarund for crash on exit with new libcurl 7.29.0
NEW: Youtube tree: span title/duration over 2 lines.
NEW: Goertzel filter (DFT alike visualizer)
FIX: Replace & with & in youtube titles
FIX: Audio meters display is 4x faster
NEW: A few of new icons (thanks to Alessandro Bompadre)
NEW: Keep pause state in some circumstances
FIX: Extra mouse buttons (4,5) should be recognized again
FIX: Composite mouse hotkeys (eg: right+wheel) where lost when moving the mouse
FIX: Don't use taglib for wav files as it fails to parse channel number (https://github.com/taglib/taglib/issues/92)
FIX: Vmeters spacing with channels number >2 was wrong

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