3.3.4 Out

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3.3.4 Out

Postby kokoko3k on Fri Dec 14, 2012 10:53 am

Anyone that want to package or install it, please, remember to add the
new required gambas component: gb.signal

http://qt-apps.org/content/show.php/Xt7 ... ent=151684

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  CHANGE: gb.signal required
  CHANGE: Update Russian (Виктор/VictorR2007) and italian translation
  CHANGE: make cachebar background transparent
  FIX:    Get rid of some graphical glitches
  FIX:    Avoid crash on exit "FMain.UpdateVolumeSlider.3075"
  FIX:    Avoid crash when skipping files too quickly
  CHANGE: Allow to resize covers before set them
  FIX:    Display folder picture for audiofiles even if the picture wasn't cached
  FIX:    keep the pausing state when switching fullscreen mode
  FIX:    Avoid the volume to stuck at 0%
  FIX:    Unglitchy FS/win switch
  FIX:    Video and audio drivers window werent' coreectly arranged if not resized
  FIX:    Avoid crash when dragging video/audio drivers
  FIX:    Video and audio filters window werent' coreectly arranged if not resized
  NEW:    <Noemi>: Display next seek position on seekbar change. </Noemi>
  FIX:    Youtube captions (subtitles) were broken
  FIX:    with newer gambas (tested 3.3.2) dynagui object dragging didn't work properly
  CHANGE: Bind pluginmode profile to -pluginmode option
  FIX:    Only show panels in fullscreen if mouse is inside the fullscreen form
  FIX:    Better commandline arguments parsing
  NEW:    Intercept quit signals and quit as clean as possible
  CHANGE: Default seekbar behaviour changed, click will seek to mouse position.
  CHANGE: Use another form for fullscreen window (allows fullscreen to work with mozplugger)
  CHANGE: Allow to choose to restart or not  the stream when seeking on youtube. (generaloptions -> network)
  FIX:    Workaround to let shoutcast and podcasts works with newer (and buggy) gambas xml component
  FIX:    Faster youtube url retrival
  FIX:    Do not overwrite files saved from youtube.
  FIX:    Unable to update items containing "[,]" characters
  CHANGE: Allow multiple selection in file view
  FIX:    Flash files wasn't saved to the right path
  FIX:    Move to first item after the last (and viceversa) in youtube tab.
  FIX:    Show the right youtube title when hitting the play button
  FIX:    Don't jump every second video when playing from youtube tab continuosly.
  NEW:    General options -> style: Allow to set a background image for the bottom panel
  NEW:    Allow to use a menubutton instead of menu bar (switch via windows menu back to menu bar or with CTRL-M)
  NEW:    Drag'n drop any image from the web or from a local file into the bottom panel to theme it :)
  CHANGE: Faster retrival youtube videos by parallelizing youtube-dl instances
  FIX:    Try hardly to allow youtube seeking by searching mp4 first, then webm and flv as last chance.
  FIX:    Prevent "Null Object error" when trying to tag an item which is not in library or playlist.
  FIX:    Cycle through items (last->first) in browse tab too.
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Re: 3.3.4 Out

Postby symbianflo on Fri Dec 14, 2012 1:41 pm

I'm on my way m8, this weekend only for you ghghghgh thx

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CHANGE: gb.signal required

changelog is usefull sometimes ghghghgh
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