3.1.5 Out

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3.1.5 Out

Postby kokoko3k on Wed Jun 27, 2012 4:03 pm

Changes over 3.1.0:

CHANGE: Seeking youtube streams works *MUCH* better by restarting the player to the new position
FIX: Prev,next buttons works again on cd audio playing
FIX: Allow cdda grid columns to be resized
FIX: Fixed Dvd playback
NEW: Handy 'User Options' under 'General options' to type additional commandline options
CHANGE: Use more stock icons
FIX: Possible Null object error if no playlist item selected when changing icon width
FIX: Corrected wrong media tooltip behaviour in some cases
FIX: Prevent the video to disappear when it is paused and the box is resized
FIX: Update status bar when mplayer is paused and the spliter is resized
FIX: Possible out of bounds when switching to albums view with just one album loaded

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