3.0.0 out

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3.0.0 out

Postby kokoko3k on Wed Mar 28, 2012 1:53 pm

3.0.0 (big update over 2.9.1028), most relevant changes:
NEW: Popup menu to sort (only library) by album,artist or full path
NEW: "Opensubtitles.org" search,display,download by tags and moviehash
NEW: heuristic support For jpg embedded into mp4 and mkv containers (attachments)
NEW: Optionally (see button next to search bar) display tooltips when hovering media list items
NEW: Generaloptions->style: choose to show and generate video thumbnails
NEW: Allow to change library/playlist row size to display bigger icons (16->256px)
NEW: Support for jpgs embedded in mp3,ogg and flac files
NEW: Right clicking on the zoom icon will cycle through zoom modes to crop black bars
NEW: Added polish translation (eloaders)
NEW: New menu voice under subtitle menu list to load subtitles from disk apart of drag'n drop.
NEW: Support for more subtitle encodings
NEW: Dropping all old dbus code (will be hopefully replaced by mpris in the future)
NEW: Osd messages for contrast,gamma,hue,saturation,brightness
NEW: Start where you left functionality
NEW: Optionally use cddb to get audio cd information
CHANGE: don't use a window to popup volume information, works better with some WMs (metacity)
CHANGE: General appaerance improvements
CHANGE: Animate covers only when they change
CHANGE: Translation updates
CHANGE: Workaround a problem with wrong or no length reported by mplayer with *ts files
CHANGE: Use x11 as default subtitle preview driver (prevent crashes on buggy catalyst drivers)
CHANGE: Removed startup animation as it seems to cause problems on 64bit and/or catalyst due to xv driver
CHANGE: TrayIcon disabled by default: avoid problems in environments without system tray support
CHANGE: Some translations update may require you to reconfigure subtitle languages
CHANGE: Filters not supported by local mplayer now are disabled objects
........And the user will be warned if it insists in using them
CHANGE: Drivers not supported by local mplayer now are disabled objects
FIX: When saving all forms settings at once, some options were restored to factory defaults
FIX: Allows to drag'n drop playlists (.m3u,.pls...) from browsers into the library or playlist
FIX: If present, display any custom item title (eg: youtube streams added to playlist) instead of url at play time
FIX: item highlighter was broken by long time, fixed
FIX: Bad inconsistency between gridview and the internal data structure
FIX: Remove cover caches when updating a library/playlist item
FIX: Prevent a possible runtime error when dropping urls from other applications
FIX: Display correct volume value when the maximum can be over 100%
FIX: Always use ISO-8859-1 (and convert from/to desktop charset ) to write and read tags from audio files.
FIX: Add /dev/sr* to the list of auto-guessed cd/dvd devices
FIX: Ass subtitle alignment was broken, fixed
FIX: Dvd playing was somehow broken, fixed
FIX: Several fixes in subtitle loading and handling
FIX: Unsharp video filter was deleted by mistake
FIX: Drag'n drop from gtk apps works again
FIX: Don't exit from fullscreen mode in playlisting mode.
FIX: Sometimes xt7 failed to switch profiles at runtime
FIX: Immediataly update message logs after when using new settings
FIX: Runtime error when enabling/disabling tooltips.

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