2.9.948 out

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2.9.948 out

Postby kokoko3k on Tue May 17, 2011 3:21 pm

* 2.9.948

FIX: DVB channels sort works again
FIX: DVB Tuner works again
FIX: Global hotkeys works again
FIX: endless loop in stop routine
NEW: Cache bar and total cache printed on window title
FIX: wrong font size in shoutcast tab
NEW: allow autonext in browse mode too
NEW: show autonext button in browse and youtube tabs too
NEW: allows fast profile switch by popup menu over tabs
NEW: Allow prev/next/autonext fetures to work with browse tab too
FIX: Get rid of "_NuLl_nUlL" subfile
FIX: Sometimes youtube subtitles were not detected
FIX: Ignore 'nop_streaming_error' if cache size is higher than the stream size
FIX: Better handling of youtube formats: 360,480,720,1080p works correctly now
FIX: .desktop bug, not showing the terminal window anymore at start

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