2.9.905 for qt4 out

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2.9.905 for qt4 out

Postby kokoko3k on Fri Apr 15, 2011 4:41 pm

Yes, finally a working build for qt4 made using gambas3 is here.

Feel free to take a tour on how it looks like:

- NEW: in memory timeshifting for dvb streams with high cache values
- NEW: Write prefill cache status too
- NEW: Standard output and standard error on different tabs under log window.
- NEW: Search highlighting in logwindow
- NEW: Completed the port to qt4/Gambas3
- NEW: End of qt3 support? gambas 3 needed (actually 2.99+)
- NEW: Vertical tabs option
- FIX: removed solid resizing from the vertical splitter (too slow in qt4)
- FIX: lower startup time
- FIX: Faster and less glitchy filter drag'drop managment
- NEW: added an option under General-options->tweaks to disable kwin effects in fullscreen mode.
- NEW: Popup window can be moved and made translucent (mouse wheel on the 'pin' button)
- FIX: removed unused "denoise" option from dering and autolevels video filters
- FIX: Catch flash videos even with newer flash version: requires 'find' utility.
- NEW: Support for DVB-T streams: requires 'scan' and 'femon' utilities.
- NEW: Option for subtitles "mkv workaround" see mplayer bug id 1870
selecting it will disable any ass rendering but allows embedded mkv
subtitles to be shifted backwards in time.
- NEW: Youtube subtitles support
- FIX: Video equalizer window size now adapts to font size correctly
- NEW: added 16:10 and 1:1 modes to the video aspect menu
- FIX: Negative equalizer gains are back
- NEW: Audio equalizer works in realtime
(no need to apply anymore, just throw the equalizer filter in the audio chain)
(Recent mplayer version needed, at least 32505)
- NEW: Audio filters changes are applied without restarting mplayer by clicking "apply"
in the audio filters window or in the chains window if no video filter changed.
(Recent mplayer version needed, at least 32505)
The function may not work all the times, so just hitting "apply" twice will force
the old behaviour.
- NEW: Added "-mixer-channel" option in Generel Options (works for alsa and oss)
- NEW: Removed mixer channel from oss audio driver settings
- FIX: remove all video filters for xvmc too (was vaapi and vdpau only)
- NEW: Right click a tab to switch to a new one or to select what tabs to show

As usual, download is possible through kde-apps at this address:
http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/Xt ... ent=140892
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