0.25.392 out

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0.25.392 out

Postby kokoko3k on Fri Apr 28, 2017 1:47 pm

* Remove the mpv volume filter, deprecated since mpv 0.25
* Make more strings translatable
* added lavfi volume filter support
* Audio equalizer is gone, use anequalizer instead
* Drop mpv builtin video equalizer, use lavfi implementation instead.
* Add vflip and hflip video filters
* Add lavfi rotate video filter
* Use lavfi scale video filter instead of mpv one
* Use lavfi stereo3d instead of mpv internal one
* Use lavfi yadif instead of mpv filter
* Fix for check duicates function
* Fix compand filter quoting.
* Add labels to video and audio filters.
* Do not lowercase hotkeys actions
* Fix parsing hotkey actions containing ","
* Removed Row headers from hotkey grid
* Do not set "Pause video when going fullscreen" by default.
* Avoid wget verbose debug
* Fix appdata.xml
* Fix cover fetcher
* Users can define new (local) input commands in the hotkeys window (scroll down the list)

Tested versus mpv 0.25 and gambas 3.9.2

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