Enabling (HDTV) vdpau decoding in xt7-player

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Enabling (HDTV) vdpau decoding in xt7-player

Postby kokoko3k on Tue Aug 04, 2009 12:16 pm

The following information is outdated because from version 0.97 you have just to enable "vdpau" under video driver and make sure that "Autoload codecs for vdpau decoding" is checked
Some mplayer video filters may still conflict with vdpau.

VDPAU (Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix) is an API designed by NVIDIA for its GeForce 8 series and later GPU hardware, targeted at the X Window System on Unix operating-systems (including Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris).[1][2][3] This VDPAU API allows video programs to offload portions of the video decoding process and video post-processing to the GPU video-hardware.
Currently, the portions designed to be offloaded by VDPAU onto the GPU are motion compensation (mo comp), inverse discrete cosine transform (iDCT) and VLD (Variable-Length Decoding) for MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC (H.264), VC-1, and WMV3/WMV9 encoded videos.[1]

VDPAU is an X Window System equivalent of the Microsoft's DirectX Video Acceleration (DxVA) API for Windows[1].

Xt7-Player does not support vdpau tecnology "out of the box", because it requires a special video driver *and* some specific codecs to be used; that said, the follow how to will tell you how to configure xt7 to be vdpau compatible:

Assuming you have a vdpau enabled mplayer (if not, look here to learn how to compile vdpau support) you can add vdpau support to xt7-player right now by following those steps:

  • Open codec priority window and compile "Video Codecs" fields as follows:

    • Code: Select all

      (if those codecs are not listed, it means that your mplayer is not compiled with vdpau support)
    • Also make sure "try other codecs" is checked!

  • Open "video drivers configuration" window
    • Check "custom" driver
    • In Custom driver options write "vdpau"
    • Drag'n drop Custom driver on the top of drivers list (or unckeck all the others)
  • Here's how your xt7-player should like:

  • Also make sure your video filter list (the chains window) is empty, because filters may cause problems to mplayer/vdpau.
  • [Optional] Save all those settings in a new profile called "vdpau" or something.

...Now you should be able to watch your Hd Movies at 0% cpu.
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