[WON'T] X-player! please play MIDI, pictures or anything ...

Have a tour of xt7-player features and make
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[WON'T] X-player! please play MIDI, pictures or anything ...

Postby MrTom on Thu Mar 01, 2012 1:40 am

HI kokoko

I'm very impressed with your Xt7-player. :o It has nice and simple GUI , quick configure , good frame work.
Why limit to use for movie and some kind of music ?

I hope you can extent to play any photo/picture/pdf as slide show and play any music kind ( including MIDI with selection of soundfonts)

I love to see X-player to play ANYTHING which has visual and hearing features . 8-) 8-) :geek:

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Re: X-player ! please play MIDI, pictures or anything ...

Postby kokoko3k on Thu Mar 01, 2012 1:43 pm

Nope MrTom, i thank you and i'm glad you like xt7, but what you propose is out of the scope of xt7.

About music, if you want xt7 to play midi files, you should fill a request to mplayer devs, xt7 is just a gui around it.

Botham77 wrote:
Thanks for the information.

Post deleted because it seems spam, if not, please forgive me.
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